Home Renovation Ideas for a Growing Family

Home Renovation Improvement

Reno Tips for a Growing Family


So it’s time for more space and functionality? You have your top priorities in line for your next home and have your realtor scouring the market for a something that fits you and your family just right. Not that easy, right? It might be the time for a home renovation. A new, fun and entertaining time for everyone in the family.


Open Things Up!


In a growing family, there is no doubt that a few members that will need space to move around, spread out and be active. Having kids of any age doesn’t mean you can’t have a stylish home design and neglect your true creativity. Family-friendly home designs are new and exciting to play around with. Your clan has grown and now you can open up and amplify your home. These designs are also a great opportunity to create a fun and appealing entertainment space. With a growing family, you can always expect gatherings and activities sometimes in large groups! Take advantage of a home renovation and make your space comfortable and accommodating.


Open floor plan or not, let’s clear up some important considerations when undergoing a family friendly renovation.


Family Necessities, Big and Small

  1. Bathrooms – Having enough beds and baths is going to make life a lot easier. Three bedrooms and two bathrooms should be the minimum. We can all imagine five or more people in a home and only one bathroom, so don’t scrimp on those. They all don’t have to be three piece bathrooms, however more is better than not enough.
  2. Storage – These spaces are not always the most glamorous, but they are extremely useful. Any parent would admit that storage space is a necessity with a growing family. The great thing about storage is that there are so many creative ways contractors can incorporate more storage space instead of an attic or a dark room in the basement. Talk to your contractor and designer to incorporate more creative storage ideas.
  3. Mud Room – Mom & Dad will love this. This traditional and effective concept is still popular for a reason. Leaving some space to quarantine those messy little ones is a great way to isolate the mess and keep the rest of your home tidy. Ask your contractor about installing a large double sink and leaving space to kick off the those messy boots and wet jackets. No more mud trails tracking through the rest of your lovely renovated home!
  4. Teen Space – Let’s face it, sometimes teenagers want their own space. If your teen spends time watching movies or playing video games with friends, consider incorporating some segregated space for the older ones to hangout. Dad might end up spending some time here too!
  5. Open Kitchen – Whether you’re entertaining guests or keeping an eye on the kids, an open kitchen design just makes perfect sense for a home renovation. Overlooking the main eating and play areas while preparing family meals means you will always be on top of things! Nobody wants to be isolated to a closed off kitchen while entertaining guests either… So open it up!


These are just a few inspiring examples of the things you can do with your existing space. Be smart! Get creative! A renovation might just be the trick you were looking for to open up your home.

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