Vetting a Contractor Before a Reno Project

Vetting Your Contractor

Building a home is a complicated and time consuming business. It requires knowledge in a whole range of different areas, from architectural design, to the correct building codes and zoning for the area, as well as knowing the basics of actual construction. If you have a project you are wanting to develop, but are not sure of all the elements that are required, to get the process moving it is time to turn to a contractor. A good contractor will have the knowledge and experience required to take your project from conception all the way through to completion.

There are two types of contractor, ones who work on residential buildings and those who work on commercial properties. Putting your project into the hands of someone else is a big decision and knowing who you are working with is imperative. In this article we’ll be going over some of the ways you can go about vetting a suitable contractor for your construction.

Before signing up any contractor, it is important to do your research. If you can contact people who have previously worked with the contractor you are looking at, this can give you a lot of information. How was he in the day to day working? Did he keep the construction to budget and time? Was the finished result to a high quality? These are the types of things to ask when looking for someone to work with. Researching the person or company you plan to utilise, will ensure your project is not filled with shady contractors looking to rip you off.

Today, we have much greater options when it comes to vetting potential contractors. Using a website like, who have created their own trustscore system for rating the quality of contractors, is most useful. Using a score from 0-5, they use data collected both from the pubic and other businesses, ensuring a system that will weed out the con artists, so you are only left with the top level of businesses suitable for your needs. Trusted pros is not the only website offering this kind of service as well. supplies a score rating for contractors, as well as reviews of the different companies on offer. They supply links and contact info for the companies featured on their website. This makes the entire process of searching for a trusted contractor that much easier.

Once you have visited as many sites as you can, and have made a list of reputable contractors in your area, the next step to take is to go down your list and phone each one. Interview each contractor with the same questions and you will be able to see who is the most suitable for your project. Ask questions like, have they worked on a building or project this size before? Have they worked on older buildings? If this is necessary. What are their rates and are they willing to supply details of previous clients?

If a few of the contractors answer your questions to your satisfaction, make an appointment to meet with them face to face. Talking through the project with them will allow you to get a measure of how professional they are and what they will do for you. Your research shouldn’t stop there though, if they have current projects on the go, ask if you can visit the site. This will allow you to get a better understanding of how they work, as well as the quality of their work.

Now it is time to consider the work you want doing. Discuss the project further with your chosen contractors and see how they compare in rates. Get them to breakdown the costs that they will require. You will soon see who has the better contacts within the industry. Once you have decided on the contractor you will use, ensure you organise a proper payment schedule. Scheduling your payments will give you a good idea of how the contractor is going to work financially. Don’t let money rule the entire project though. Make sure the contractor understands the budget to work with and the time frame you desire, but in the end, you are going to be spending a lot of time with them so the key is to find someone you connect with.

Starting on a building project is a big ordeal, the technical requirements can seem huge, but finding and vetting a contractor who can take you through the whole process and run the day to day, will ensure your project is built to the highest quality.

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